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Re: A letter for Mr. Darl McBride - personal use - eula

hi ya john

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, John Hasler wrote:

> Brett Carrington writes:
> > So why am I giving Joe Bob's Computer Depot money for a box with disks in
> > it? The box doesn't say anything about my purchase being part of a
> > contract does it?
> If the EULA is printed on the outside of the box then you agreed to it by
> plonking the box down on the counter and handing over the price.  If the
> EULA is inside so that you don't find out about it until you get home and
> open the package Bob's had better be prepared to refund your money when you
> bring the opened package back and, saying you don't like the terms of the
> EULA, demand your money back (and even then they are on shaky legal
> ground).

we all know that the eula is inside the box ... 

and with all the attorney generals going after ms... why hasnt
anybody said they want the eula printed in nice bold print so that 
all consumers can read it before they pay $100 or $500 for that stuff 

- and the practice of pre-installed ms junk should be stopped too
  ( it should be pre-installed of whatever they want installed
  ( and or live with the default "test installtion" and erase it later
	- i always install some test flavor of *nix ... and let the end
	user figure out what they want later

- all this license stuff should be left to the gpl-aware lawyers
 	- you;'d be surprised how many dont know eula and at least
	2 flavors of gpl ... and wind up paying them $250/hr to 
	read up on it..or go find another lawyer that is equally inept
	about licenses

- the folks at EFF are the opposite exception ... they are too far down
  to the "each letter of the licenses"  which is good ... good to have
  them around ...

c ya

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