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Re: A letter for Mr. Darl McBride

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 12:09:43PM -0500, Al Davis wrote:
> On Sunday 01 February 2004 03:44 am, Nano Nano wrote:
> You took.  You gave nothing back.


> Parasites.

> You took.  You gave nothing back.
> Napster took.  It gave nothing back.

> Smited by who?  By those in power?  By the people?
> Once upon a time there was slavery.  In some parts of the world there 
> still is.  We have freedom only because of those willing to stand in 
> the light.
> Once upon a time women couldn't vote in the U.S.  In some parts of the 
> world they still can't.  The got the right to vote only because of 
> those willing to stand in the light.
> The free software / open source movement isn't a movement that takes and 
> gives nothing back.  We share our own and give back in kind.  We have 
> no desire to take that which is not ours.  The movement is growing only 
> because of those who give back more than they take.
> What has SCO contributed?  They take.  They give nothing of value back.

I admit it I am a leach, I take stuff off Usenet for my personal gain once in a while
I post something of value, but overall I take more than I give. Even leaches have their
usefullness, help in reducing blood clots after surgery.  Most people on Usenet could be 
considered parasites, in the same way Robin Hood takes it from the rich and gives to the 
poor. None the less, they suck the blood like a parasite, give to others who might not 
have enough otherwise. Is this against the law probably, does it stop people or deter them
from sharing probably not. 

Even in discussion groups a person throughs out an idea, then the community takes the idea
and add's their 2 cents. Is it wrong for people to use your idea's, what if I reverse engineer
your idea? What if it was my idea to start off with? How can you prove otherwise, what exactly
is fair use, in China, America? What stops me from choosing my definitions of such topics?
Would the world be a better place if everyone didn't have these sources? 

When you read a book, aren't you being a parasite by taken in the authors ideas? Are not 
students parasites to the teachers knowledge? What about the dynamics of Supply and Demand?
Would you really want everyone to give back to OSS, I know how to code a litte, but I am
sure its not up to the quality of some of you. Do you really want my buggy, dumb code
infesting your hardwork? Or rather do you want me to be a parasite, and every once in a while
file a bug report?  As a old saying goes not everyone can be a Chief!

We also live in a society of parasites, we take from mother Earth, we polute the world
what have we given back? Is the world in a better situation now then 100 years ago?
I think we are all parasites, some more than others. If using Usenet makes me a leach, sucking
out the blood of corporate excess, and abuse then I am all for it. Is it right to
deprive a person who might not have the means for the tools, to make their life better?
Are the RIAA, MPAA others loosing tons of money in the process, I don't think so. Do you
see Microsoft loose the shirt off their back, No.  

Ok I am sorry for all the rant, if I have personally insulted anyone I am sorry.


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