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Re: Fw: STOCK MARKET BULLETIN: 7-Eleven Stores looking to add QENC bottled water

On Sunday 01 February 2004 12:11 pm, Colin Watson wrote:
> It's spam: the Debian bug tracking system has received nearly 3000
> copies to date (and it's now filtered out). It's best not to bother
> replying to it.

And may I say that I am amazed at POPFiler, it correctly marked your responce as mail
and not spam. Its a perl based Bayesian filter and POP3 proxy. I have been running
it since November and its now at 99.74% accuracy. <g> 

Yeah I know I /could/ have set up exim, spamassasin, and procmail; instead I 
just run this perl script and use Kmail's filters to toss it into the right folders.
This is just a workstation I simply didn't see the need for a full-fledged MTA.

"I can't think clearly and manage bodily functions at the same time."

I may as well stop updating this site now. It's just not going to get any 
better than that. <http://members.optushome.com.au/white_gold/cow-orker.html>

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