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Re: Turn Debian into a Desktop-System what to do


* Alex Fitterling wrote (2004-02-01 07:30):
>Am Sonntag, 1. Februar 2004 02:04 schrieb Thorsten Haude:
>> My advice: If you have to ask, don't try it at all. Logging ist an
>except my english - what else would matter...

I don't understand.

>(couldn't you guys do any way better to commend on several questions
>per one mail, rather than answering whole bunch of mails that consist
>of only one question each? ;-)

Both may make sense, depending on what the topic is and hwo closely
the questions are connected.

>> important base functionality and shouldn't be given up without knowing
>> what you might be up against.
>I know what i want the thing is why can't debian do
>I wish a desktop system and wish to get rid of cron and all other grab I do 
>not want to see on my system. other distributions can do.. I seen it

I haven't, and I wonder how they do without logging.

Why do you think cron would be a problem?

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of today's ideas were invented and had taken out patents, the
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