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Re: Email client programs


* Day Brown wrote (2004-01-31 18:50):
>Thorsten Haude wrote:
>> * Day Brown wrote (2004-01-31 06:00):
>> >Well, now thatcha mention it, I am somewhat bemused by the loss of email
>> >functionality since I quit using QWKMAIL and the BBS nets, and went on
>> >the internet.
>> I had similar thoughts. I used Crosspoint on Fido, and still miss some
>> features from both.
>> >QWKMAIL offered me enough colors to keep track of who said what in a
>> >thread, but no more than were useful for that purpose.
>> This and other things you said about QWKMAIL can be done with Mutt.
>> Using a Unix tool chain for mail requires some setup but is much more
>> powerful than any single tool can ever be.
>I dont see the os matters as much as the server/host.

I don't think the mails were modified by the transport hosts. At least
with XP (Crosspoint), the initials were inserted by XP itself.

>If it dont send you the postings with the initials of each poster
>prepended, it'd be hard for Mutt or anything else to sort it out.

The situation is different now. Initials at the start of lines would
confuse even 99% of mail systems which work fine in other aspects. In
Fido everyone has to use real names, so it is easy to get initials for
a name. XP (and other programs probably) had a nifty algorithm to do
wraps without destroying the initials.

Today it would take a convention to determine the initials and a macro
for my editor. Just difficult enough that I won't do it without good
reason. Sensible quoting is a good replacement for the initials.

>While qwkmail.zip was what OFFLINE.EXE used, I'm sure there were
>unix/linux tools that would process qwkmail packets.  In any event the
>loss of functionality is not a limitation of Linux so much as just the
>result of the programmers focused on the gui interface and eye candy.

Not at all, Mutt is considerably less eyecandish than XP (which had
all the bells and whistles you could do with a text mode DOS program).

The package format changed with the protocol because the internet
assumes hosts which are always connected.

>Yet another reason I'd like to see the debian user base setup a VPN.

Where is the connection?

Don't let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.
    - Isaac Asimov

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