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Postscript or PDF --> html?

I have a Postscript document.  It was created with MS Publisher.
I can convert it with ps2pdf14 without any problem.  I want to also 
generate HTML.

The document is a double-sided booklet -- with four pages per sheet (two
each side).  So, if I look at the document each page shows two "pages"
-- for example, page 3 in xpdf shows both page 26 and page 3.  It's a 
good layout for printing, but not for viewing online.

Anyone know of a tool to convert the pdf or postscript to html?

I've seen some pdf2html converters that just create an image out of 
each page using Ghostscript, which is not what I want.  I want the text, 
images and structure.

Publisher (and Word) can generate HTML, but the generated HTML is
nothing I'd want to use.  I don't want all that fancy M$ formatting.

BTW -- I'm more than willing to listen to someone describe how easy all 
this would be in LaTeX (if that's true).  It would be nice to have a 
single input source and be able to generate PDF and HTML for viewing 
on-line, and also Postscript for printing the booklet.


Bill Moseley

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