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Re: Turn Debian into a Desktop-System what to do

Am Sonntag, 1. Februar 2004 07:18 schrieb Alex Fitterling:
> Am Sonntag, 1. Februar 2004 06:03 schrieb Paul E Condon:
> > Computers do fail from time to time. When your computer fails, and you
> > come to this list asking for help, there will likely be a question:
> > What do you see in the log?
> come on dude! My system last fail was around 1999/2000 that time I bought a
> new graphic card (mga400) and I attempted to get it work with dri/utah glx
> to get fast opengl rendering. As far as I remember it unfortunately was
> using same dma as my soundcard - the system crashed. since that many years
> I upgraded the system by time but no big deals or changes, yet. i would
> tend to say my system will never fails. i use it mainly for dvd/dtv, www,
> music, tex. that's it! So CAN i use it without logs?? why gentoo users can
> do and not debian? the packages depencies are almost everytime connected
> with unnecessary server stuff as I don't want use. I like to use my debian
> system as one would use M$ windows (they can!) exept the crashes or
> nowadays worms...
> alex

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