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Re: Plotting pixel maps and graphs.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 04:53:48PM -0000, Geoff Bagley wrote:
> I wish to use my Debian box for plotting the output of compiled
> programmes in the form of bitmaps or cartesian pixel maps either
> on the X window display, or on a laserjet printer.
> The material to be plotted consists of calculated mathematical graphs
> and  maps or plans.  Does  Debian include any packages for math-
> plotting or geographical plotting ?
> Could possibly be "piped" to (say) ghostscript ?

I use gnuplot for most of my graphs.  It displays under X, and can
generate Postscript files for high quality output, or a myriad of other
device formats, including HPLJ.  For geographic data, I use GMT (Generic
Mapping Tools) which only creates Postscript.  It creates publication
quality graphics - but you may not like the interface.  Fortunately,
the documentation is excellent, and if you persist, you will be rewarded.

Postscript can be piped to ghostview (don't know about ghostscript)
which is the graphical interface for ghostscript.


> Geoff.
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