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hpt366 and kernel 2.6


I've installed the kernel-image-2.6.0-1-k7 package, and it's mostly
perfect.  One thing that has stopped working is my Highpoint 370 RAID
controller.  I'm not using it for any fancy RAID purposes; I've just got
one disk on it with an NTFS partition left over from when this PC had
Windows on it.

I'm getting a message in dmesg that the hpt366 module couldn't be
unloaded "due to unsafe usage in include/linux/module.h:483" - and then
it doesn't go on to find the drive.  That said, the onboard Via
controller works, despite a similar message about module via82cxxx, so
my other hard drive and both optical drives are fine.

Someone suggested that 2.6 doesn't like IDE kernel modules, and they
need to be compiled in, but why would that be a problem for hpt366 and
not via82cxxx?


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