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Re: Plotting pixel maps and graphs.

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 04:53:48PM -0000, Geoff Bagley wrote:
> I wish to use my Debian box for plotting the output of compiled
> programmes in the form of bitmaps or cartesian pixel maps either
> on the X window display, or on a laserjet printer.
> The material to be plotted consists of calculated mathematical graphs
> and  maps or plans.  Does  Debian include any packages for math-
> plotting or geographical plotting ?
> Could possibly be "piped" to (say) ghostscript ?
> Geoff.

I use gnuplot, and for scatter plots I use character based graphics, 
putting letters and numerals into a row column array. If the array
is too large (too many rows or columns), I use enscript to shrink it
to fit on a page. 

Paul E Condon           

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