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Re: Kde Open Office + setting up printing..

On Friday 30 January 2004 07:38 am, Gregory Machin wrote:
> Please could you advise me as to how i can go about setting up Open
> Office to print to a windows machine with an HP printer. The Os is
> Mandrake, And the Gui is KDE.

(Please note that this is a Debian list, not a Mandrake list.)

I would recommend you setup OpenOffice.org's printing to call kdeprint, 
then setup your printers there. Go to OpenOffice.org Printer 
Administration, and set your default printer to the command "kprinter".

Then, on the KDE menu, go to Settings and Printing Manager, and setup your 
printer there. KDE has an Add Printer wizard that will walk you through 
setting up a new printer (you'll probably want the SMB-shared option).

> I also have a problem with saving Open Office files (from with in OO)
> to floppy (M$ fat) nonexistent object, nonexistent file.

I've never had this problem before - can you read/write the disk from 
other programs? If not, then you're not setup to mount the disk properly.


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