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Re: NFS performace on 2.6.1 -> 2.6.1

Rus Foster wrote:
Hi All,
I'm trying to get decent performance out of my NFS Client/Server goth on
Woody. I'm running 2.6..1 on both and can't get any more than 8kb/s out of
the NFS Client/Server. I've tried a number of things and ATM have got

jaxx:/data      /data           nfs

I've tried changing wsize/rsize. I've google to I'm blue in the face.

ftp/scp works at normal 100mbit speeds. Any ideas?


This is a known issue and has been discussed a great deal on LKML
in the last couple of weeks.  Try upgrading to the latest -bk snapshot
or reverting to an earlier version.


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