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Re: Debian list = spam and virus repeater/multiplexer

Pigeon said:
> There was a lot of gas generated about the swen worm when that hit. That
> harvested email addresses off the web. Again, clueless Windows users
> without
> effective virus protection - only a wider base of them, ie. not just ones
> subscribed to this list.

> My solution is - for the direct garbage, mail filtering of whatever form
> one
> finds most appropriate or effective; for the garbage relayed by the list,
> the 'd' key in mutt suffices for the week or so until the list's filtering
> adapts to the new situation.

Can you just reject messages that,
Non-english as defined via spamassassin.
I believe this was implemented.

Reject messages that are duplicates of messages sent to the same mailing
list?, or are duplicate msgids?
What problems does this cause?
This should block most worms, and duplicate postings.
I believe something similar to this is already done.
Would be nice to have your address munged from this list, or the option.

Within 15 minutes of posting to this list i start getting spam.
I use a disposable reply-to address and it gets upwards of 50-70
spam/virus's per day from somewhere within a week of posting an item.
I know the address is harvested from the list,becuase it is a unique
address used nowhere else.

Then I setup a new reply-to address and use it for a week or two, until it
gets overwhelmed with virii and spam.
Of course sa tags it, but it still annoys me.
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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