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Re: FW: registration confirmation...

Brian Schmidt wrote:
Rajesh Menon wrote:

i don;t know much about setting up mailing-lists, but can;t it be setup to allow mails ONLY from REGISTERED users?

From what I understand then the mailing list checks the sender address, to see if it is subscribed to the mailinglist. Unfortunately it's easy for me to simply change my sender address in my mail client, and then sending to the list.

A thing I would love to see, was that mailing-lists required some sort of key to actually accept the mail. By key I'm thinking a PGP/GPG type of key. Perhaps something as simple as a PGP/GPG signature, since those are unique and requires a private key to make.

Not sure if something like that is possible, sure the users would probably have to click an extra button before sending (to sign the mail), but it would surely outweigh having scripts, worms, viruees etc. mass-spam misc. mailinglists. Just an idea ;)


Brian Schmidt

and as you notice, the sender names are not "rajesh menon", or "brian schmidt", or anyone on the list, but just a random name.

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