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Re: software raid

hi ya harland

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 01:20:24PM -0500, Harland Christofferson wrote:
> i am trying to configure raid-1 via software. my kernel is 2.4.18-
> 1-586tsc. i do not have /etc/raidtools or /proc/mdstat. am i safe 
> to assume that raid support is not compiled into this kernel? if 
> this is true, what options do i have? are modules good to use? if 
> so, which ones?

 apt-cache search raid
 apt-show raidtools2

and you need to
	- insmod the raid modules or change to a diff kernel
	- create /etc/raidtab

sample raid conf files and other jibberish ( chunksize, stripes, .. )

c  ya

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