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Installing Debian on second hard disk

My motherboard has two IDE channles. I have two optical drivers on one channel and my HDD on the second. I have win98SE and Red Hat 7.2 on my current HDD. I am planning to buy a second HDD and install win 2000 and Debian on it. When installing Debian 3.0r2 and win 2000, I would like to take out my first hard disk and put in the blank second one. This is because I am paranoid about something breaking the original hard disk(I spent a lot of time making many things work and installing stuff on my RHL). I fear that if not Debian, atleast win 2K will destroy my first hard disk somehow. Now, when I put in the second hard disk and the first is out, the second one will become /dev/hda but when I re-insert the first one as master, the second one will become /dev/hdb. I have grub as my loader on the first hard disk. If I add entries like (hd1,0) and (hd1,1), will the grub on my first disk be able to boot the win2K and Debian on the second HDD. I don't mind if it won't boot win2K but will atleast Debian 3.0r2 boot ? Or is it that since I installed on /dev/hda and now I put it in /dev/hdb the kernel will refuse to boot since it had hard references to /dev/hda ? If in the grub on the older disk I write map (hd0) (hd1) and map (hd1) (hd0) and then load grub again on the second disk(using chainloader) as another boot loader will it work. Will Debian and W2K be fooled into believing that they are on the first disk or do they ignore the bios and check out the HDD's on their own ?
thanks a lot

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