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Re: Exim and virtual mail hosting

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David Clymer wrote:
| On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 05:36, Toby Batch wrote:
|>Does anyone have any good howtos on this?  I've been following the docs
|>from exim but I've created my local domain dbm and added it to the
|>local_domains directive (list of domains in /etc/local-domains;
|>exim_dbmbuild /etc/local-domains /etc/local-domains.dnm)
|>and added this to my exim.conf:
|>  driver = aliasfile
|>  domains = dbm;/etc/local-domains
|>  no_more
|>  file = /etc/mail/$domain
|>  search_type = lsearch
| What version of exim are you using? Exim 3, I assume, if you are using
| exim.conf. Where is this in your exim.conf? The directors section, I
| assume?
|>I created a (empty) file for each local domain in /etc/mail but when it
|>try to send any mail i get:
|>Exim configuration error
|>  auth virtual: cannot find auth driver "aliasfile" in line 482
| sounds like you've got it in the authentication section. if that is the
| case, a) the config format for your authenticator is incorrect b)
| aliasfile is not an acceptable auth driver AFAIK
|>I presume that this is because the aliasfile property in the above
|>secification should either a directive or a file name.
| correct. the file is in the format
| # alias             recipients
| # ---------         ------------
| root:               jane
| friends:            joe, fred@yahoo.com
| complaints:         billgates@microsoft.com
| this lends it to use for redirections, but not authentication for which
| you seem to be attempting to use it.
| If you are setting up this mail server for the first time, I would
| suggest getting a backported copy of exim4. This will save you the
| hassle of upgrading later and having to adjust to a slightly different
| style of configuration.
| -davidc

Thanks david, i'd stumbled onto the wrong section thing and moved the
virtual section but see my own response about the new error.

You mention getting a "backported copy of exim4".  How do I do this via
the apt-get structure?  I've got significant *nix experience but am new
to debian.   The machine I am working is a remote server and i am
loathed to deviate from the debian package structure as it seems to
allow to 'undo' mistakes very quickly.

Again thanks, toby.

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