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Re: Exim and virtual mail hosting

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Toby Batch wrote:
| Does anyone have any good howtos on this?  I've been following the docs
| from exim but I've created my local domain dbm and added it to the
| local_domains directive (list of domains in /etc/local-domains;
| exim_dbmbuild /etc/local-domains /etc/local-domains.dnm)
| and added this to my exim.conf:
| virtual:
|   driver = aliasfile
|   domains = dbm;/etc/local-domains
|   no_more
|   file = /etc/mail/$domain
|   search_type = lsearch
| I created a (empty) file for each local domain in /etc/mail but when it
| try to send any mail i get:
| Exim configuration error
|   auth virtual: cannot find auth driver "aliasfile" in line 482
| I presume that this is because the aliasfile property in the above
| secification should either a directive or a file name.
| What should the alias file directive look like?
| What format should the files in /etc/mail for each domain be in?
|   e.g. how do i have john@foo.bar deluver to local user john_site99
| I've been wrestling with this MTA problem and it's sending me made!

OK I've had a little sucess on my own but i've hit another problem.
The previous error was due to me adding the new director to the wrong
part of the config file.
To get this directive to work it needs to be added at the _top_ of the
directives section, not to the end of the file as i had done.

Now the mail gets collected but i get the following in the exim log:

2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005j9-00 <= root@p4-7126.uk2net.com U=root
P=local S=339
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005j9-00 ** test1@p4-7126.uk2net.com
<morris@band-it.org.uk>: unknown local-part "test1" in domain
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005jD-00 <= <> R=1AlpuG-0005j9-00 U=mail
P=local S=1248
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005j9-00 Error message sent to
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005j9-00 Completed
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005jD-00 ** root@p4-7126.uk2net.com: unknown
local-part "root" in domain "p4-7126.uk2net.com"
2004-01-28 13:39:00 1AlpuG-0005jD-00 Frozen (delivery error message)

where real.server.name is the real domainname of the server. And test1
is a user defined as morris in the matching domain alias file:
~  morris: test1

How do I get it to jump to local delivery after matching the alias?

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