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CD-R/RW UDF file system on kernel 2.6.x


  I thought the kernel 2.6 onwards udf writing is standard. Does this mean we still need udftools
(pktsetup) to actually write? I am asking because the default mount -t udf only mounts the CD-R/RW
as read only. Rather cumbersome to go through a lot of steps before writing to CD. Xcdroast is just
as easy/hard.

Also, Xcdroast keeps complaining about not having ide-scsi but only atapi-cd interface for writing.
However, the ATAPI in kernel 2-6 claims it is as good as ide-scsi. So, now who is correct? Is the
message in Xcdroast referring to ide-cd support in 2.4 and not 2.6?

Thanks for any insights.

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