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Re: Lilo menu?

Tim Bates (<tin@iinet.net.au>) wrote:

> What's the go with LILO supplied with Debian 3.0? I cant get it to
> boot anything other than what it comes with. What's the trick? Where
> am I going wrong?
> I added the new kernel I made to /boot/ and the added a section for it
> to lilo.conf. I run lilo, it says it's added it, but when I reboot Im
> greeted with a "LILO 22.2" message and then after the delay time is
> reached (tested by upping to 200) it boots the default option (havent
> tried changing default to see what happens).
> All I want to do is have the standard Boot: prompt or a simple menu.

Uncomment the "prompt" option. Read the configuration file carefully.
All the commented options are explained.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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