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Re: Derivative effects.

"Monique Y. Herman" wrote:
> On 2004-01-24, Day Brown typed a lot of stuff.
> You're very clearly aware of the fact that most of the community,
> particularly most of the developer community, *wants* all of the
> safeguards and complexities that you find so inconvenient.
Sure. Did I not make it clear that I was referring to the single user
desktop and not a multiuser and/or networked system?
> If you really care so much for a single-user linux, perhaps the solution
> is to find other like-minded people and create your own distribution
> that satisfies your needs.
I dont think I have the expertise. But of all the distros, I thought
that Debian had the most flexible system and the most effective feedback
to the developers to offer *options at setup* which dos/win users would
expect as the default.
> By the way, a lot of us *do* run linux at home, in non-massive networked
> environments.  But we're pretty happy with the way things work.
If you see no need for improvement, that's fine with me. If, however,
you want a larger user base for Debian, with functionality dos/win users
would expect, then the *options* I have outlined will help. Newbies
havta start out someplace, pissing them off with strange methods dont

The CLI steps which Bijan cited may work, but newbies are unlikely to
find it among all of the other stuff they need to read to learn to use
Linux conveniently. That option needs to be in the install scripts. To
quote Andreas:"fdformat does not create a file system." then goes on to
explain that this info is in the German man. Case in point. A dos/win
user would not know that, has never seen the like, and has never been
told he dont have 'permission' to access a floppy. Only a distro
programmer team working in a network environment would not notice the
*lack of functionality* to the single user desktop.
> A lot of the stuff you describe seems to be more RedHat-y ... maybe you
> should look there for some of the functionality you would like?
Redhat is much worse. I wasted lots of hours trying to get RH 9
installed, gave up, then found out they have released a special edition
for the VIA C3 CPU like mine.

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