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Re: a trojan is on your computer!

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 05:34:21 -0600 (CST), mssupport@nyx.net wrote:
> hi, I am from Belgium and you'll don't believe me,
> but a trojan horse in on your computer.
> I've scanned the network-ports on the internet. (I know, that's
> illegal) And I have found your pc. Your pc is open on the internet
> for everybody! Because the lsass.exe trojan is running on your
> system. Check this, open the task manager and try to stop that!
> You'll see, you can't stop this trojan. When you use win98/me you
> can't see the trojan!!
> On my system was this trojan, too!
> And I've found a tool to kill that bad thing.
> I hope that I've helped you!
> Sorry for my bad english!
> greets

We don't get infected by rookie windows viruses. Only uber geeks and the pope are infallible.

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