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Re: no response from the most generic 3-button mouses

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 06:59:11AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> > PS/2 mice - those with the mini-DIN plug - use a different device. You want
> > /dev/psaux for the Device and probably PS/2 for Protocol (for a plain
> > 3-button mouse) or ImPS/2 (if it's got scroll wheels).
> OK, I'll try that.  I thought if the manufacturer supplied it with a
> RS-232 9 pin adapter, one could connect it to ttyS1.

Ah! Those adapters are notoriously flaky and fail to work more often than
not. I wouldn't necessarily expect even a manufacturer-supplied one to work.
If you have a PS/2 mouse, it's best to connect it to the mini-DIN PS/2 port;
if you don't have such a port, best to use a straightforward serial mouse.


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