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Re: network configuration problem

"Ritesh Raj Sarraf" <riteshsarraf@hotmail.com> writes:

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> i'm a newbie to Debian. I just shifted from RedHat. I've got two lan
> cards on my debian system. one connected to the internet and the
> other to my local lan. i'm not able to ping my ISP DNS server from
> my debian machine.
> Details:
> eth0 (Ethernet connected to ISP)
> IP
> Gateway
> Subnet

So, to be clear: you're logged in on this machine, you type 'ping', and nothing happens?  Is the physical infrastructure
working?  (Are all the cables connected, do you have the right blinky
lights everywhere?)  If that all works, what do 'ifconfig eth0' and
'route -n' say?

> eth1 (Ethernet connected to my LAN)
> IP
> Gateway
> Subnet

"Gateway" isn't something you want to define on more than one
interface; if you do define it, if needs to be an address on the same
network (so, in this case, a 10.x.x.x address).  How exactly are you
specifying "gateway" and "DNS" here?

It looks like the setup you want is:

-- eth0 is on
-- eth1 is on
-- The default route is via (on eth0)
-- The DNS server is, which happens to be on eth0's
-- (Optional) ipmasq from eth1 to eth0

And none of the settings you've given so far contradict this.  :-)

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