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Re: KVM switch recomendation?

On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 15:20:14 +0100, Greg Norris wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good 4-port (or thereabout) KVM switch?  I need
> one which can handle USB keyboard and mouse inputs, and it would be a
> plus (but definitely not required) if it can accommodate both USB and
> PS/2 outputs.
> I recently tried a Belkin OmniView SOHO KVM (model no. F1DS104U), which
> claims to be Linux compatible, but it turned out to be rather
> flaky[1].  After waiting for 90 minutes on their tech support line,
> for a scripted-to-the-max session which I can only (charitably)
> describe as completely worthless, I think I'm inclined to avoid Belkin
> products at this point.
> [1] It mostly worked, but would frequently miss keystrokes (especially
> <CTRL>-whatever combinations), or act like a key was being held down. 
> I did all of the usual troubleshooting (try a different keyboard, swap
> the cables, update the firmware, etc.), and am fairly confident that
> it's a firmware bug.

I had the same trouble as well as mouse issues with the same Belkin
Omniview SOHO going between a Woody server and Sid desktop. I replaced my
KVM with a Avocent SwitchView and have had no further issues. You can get
more info at: http://www.avocent.com

Bill Thompson
GPG Key ID:0xFB966670

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