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Re: chroot for packaging

On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 18:47:25 -0800, Nano Nano wrote:

> I'm dumb and lazy: I want a chroot'd woody so I can identify 
> build-depends for my own debian package (basically a GTK 2 app).
> I don't want to create a separate partition: I just want to do it on 
> some spare space on an existing partition.
> (1) What is an authoritative source that tells me how to do this and (2) 
> what do I do after running dh-make to specify the depends after I 
> install them?
> I know these are FAQs; I'm going to start googling now.

Just a thought:  maybe you can do this by installing woody on a filesystem
image mounted on a loop device.


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