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Re: xfree 4.3 in sid anytime soon?

> what's holding up x 4.3 from going into sid?

> Is it going to be a long time?

I'd also like to know this. Why is it that the Debian 'X Strike Force' can't
get 4.3 into unstable? Note that 4.3 was released on the 27th of February

Let's have a bet. Who thinks this 'strike force' can get 4.3 into unstable
within 1 year of the software's original release? Hmmmm, only 12 short
months. It's a tough ask I guess.

And further, will 4.4 be out by then? If so, what happens to the work that's
gone into packaging 4.3, ie. the stuff in experimental? Will they just skip
that and start packaging 4.4? And if they do that, and still take as long as
they have so far, will we even see a 4.4 release? Will Debian unstable
always be about one release behind? etc. etc.

It's difficult for me to find much relevancy in these packages, no matter
how nicely packaged they are and no matter how many platforms they run on
(but I admit, I'm a selfish x86 user with a new ATI video card :).

I heard from someone that the reason 4.2 is still in unstable is because
they don't want 4.3 filtering into testing before sarge is released. That
true? But having recently read about the challenges facing the sarge
release, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening anytime soon
either :(


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