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Re: ethernet routing

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 10:46:06AM -0500, Debian User wrote:
in a previous post, i asked this question but not sure if an answer 
was found ...

i am trying to set up a network in my office at work. 

+---------------+     +---------------+
| |-----|   |
| |     | |   +---------------+
+---------------+     |   |---|    |
                      |   |   |   |
                      +---------------+   +---------------+

the machine can ping the and 
interface but not the interface. the interface 
can ping the interface.

my routing table is as follows:

dest         gateway    genmask       flags metric ref use iface  * u     0      0   0   eth1    *   u     0      0   0   eth0
default       ug    0      0   0   eth0

any suggestions as to what i am doing wrong?
	first do:
	echo 'ip_forward=yes' > /etc/network/options
	as root. this turns on ip forwarding. This allow packects to be
	sent to the next computer and beyond.
	My info says that can only send to a host on its
	network -- any thing 192.168.1.x. But you set the default
	gateway to 10.20.x.x which it can not get to.
	Also, I ususally add a '-host' entry to the routing table.
	'route add default gw'
	fixes the route on host1
	then on the gateway1 machine:
	'route add default gw'
	to help packets go to gateway2 if needed.
	(and of course do the ip_forward thing)

i ended up loading the iptables modules ... guess they were not loaded by default. i spent some time llisting the forwarding rules and it works. when i pinged from to an address on 10.20.x.x, there was not a report of _no route to host_. by this, i figured that the routing table was good enough.

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