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exim and courier-imap

I'm running debian unstable on my server trying to set up a mail server with Exim (3.36) running as MTA and also running courier-imap.

With just exim installed, I use search_type = lsearch* with a *: catchall entry in my alias file so that any misaddressed email goes to the catchall account. This works fine and the mail is delivered correctly to /var/mail/$username files.

However, to use courier, I modified exim.conf local_delivery to look like
 driver = appendfile
 group = mail
 mode = 0660
 mode_fail_narrower = false
 envelope_to_add = true
 return_path_add = true

 maildir_format = true
 prefix = ""

And now everything including correctly addressed email goes to the catchall. If I change search_type = lsearch* to search_type = lsearch then all mail goes to the correct users but misaddressed email is bounced.

Is there anyway to have a catchall with delivery compatible with courier-imap?

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