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Re: Kernel 2.6 and module-init-tools

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 21:51, Deboo wrote:
> Debian Woody system, compiling 2.6 time and again keeps giving a "VFS:
> Kernel Panic: Unable to mount root fs" error, however many times I
> recompile. 

do you have everything you need compiled in? Filesystems of root/boot
partition, IDE controller etc? I you have them as modules, do you have
initrd-tools, and have you created an initrd image?

> I do not have module init tools installed. Installing
> module-init-tools says that it  conflicts with modutils ... the doc for
> 2.6 says that they can co-exist. Now what's happenning here? How do I
> compile and install kernel 2.6? Is there any good resources/articles about
> 2.6 ? Has anyone been able to install it on woody?

backports.org has a kernel-2.6 package that will pull in kernel-image, a
module-init-tools that coexists with modutils, updated hdparm and
everything else you need. Boots for me, however pppd fails to open a pty
for me with all 2.6-kernels I tried (backports.org's image,
selfcompiled, ...).
Would be happy to hear your experiences :)

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