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Re: AT&T Internet Runner?

On Sun, 21 Dec 2003 09:34:12 -0600
Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:

> Hi World!
> Having recently switched to Mexican AT&T ISP, they sent me a CD
> with something called Internet Runner on it. I did not open it
> because I threw out my XP Professional.
> It claims "speeds up to 4 times faster". Faster than what?
> Anybody have a clue what that that thing might actually do?
> Thanks.
> Hugo
> PS. I find their speeds excellent (Downloading Debian CD's I see
> wmppp running at 6000 = 6K/sec.?
> I am on a 56K USRobotic external modem and run Woody's PPP.

If it's like other's who claim to be "faster", they use compression
to compress and then decompress images and other files.  Then your
machine has to decompress those files.

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