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Re: hardware raid and 3ware

If you go raid software or hardware, compile support directly into the
I also had to have enother disk to boot of my 3ware system.
With two disks, as alvin says, go with software raid.
Use hardware raid for a monster set.
I've not found much appreciable difference in performance between my
hardware raid sysetem and software raid.
Their might be a difference but I have not noticed it.
I've used software raid on a 350gig archive/backup update server, and it
scales up to a monstrous load, maxing out the network card on file syncs,
and raid just goes along nicely.
If you use software raid, use a kernel compiled for your processor, it
speeds it up a lot.
Have not noticed any speed difference between module and compiled in raid
You also MUST have some sort of notification if a disk dies.
I reccomend you have a spare disk installed in the system as a hot spare,
it will dynamically add if a disk dies.
I've had stories of raid disks dieing and no-one noticed for month's until
another disk died, destroying the volume.

Assume when setting up raid that you'll accidentally wipe your data.
I've done so on non-production systems numerous times.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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