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Re: hardware raid and 3ware

hi ya 

on Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 12:08:23PM -0500, Debian User (debian-user@zerocrossings.com) wrote:
> I am interested in implementing hardware RAID on a new machine I 
> am putting together. I have read a post _Hardware RAID setup_ and 
> am glad that it can be done w/ modules in Debian. It looks liek 3ware 
> is the way to go. I only _need_ two disks (I think). Does anyone 
> have a suggestion as to card/driver selection?

3ware give you their drivers for using with their cards ...
	7500-2 is the cheapest 3ware cards
	7500-4 is for 4 drives

if you only need 2 disks... for the same $$$, you can buy 3-4 40-60GB disk
drives instead and have 3-4 copies of the same thing instead of 
one extra copy with to "hardware raid" ( raid1 mirroring presumably )
with only 2 disks

it ain't worth it with 2 disks...

w/ hw raid.. if you erase important-file.txt on your disk, its gone ..
	but, if you have 2-4 independent disks with the same $$$ ... you
	have as many copies as you want going back years ...

c ya

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