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Re: Linux Sound Issues


> (...) that is skips whenever I do anything that requires CPU
> resources. I've tried recompiling the kernel to make it more
> efficient and I've tried using the latest drivers from Creative.

Mmh, it's probably just your IDE drive which is *not* accessed in DMA mode. At least, that's what caused sound problems on my system. Before playing around with "low latency" and "preemtive kernel" patches, try the following:

Run "hdparm -d {drive}" and check wheter or not DMA mode is activated for your drive. If DMA mode is not activated, try "hdparm -d 1 {drive}".

If hdparm is unable to enable DMA mode, chances are that your kernel does not support your IDE chipset. Run lspci and make sure your kernel was compiled with support for both your chipset and DMA mode.

Regards, Remo

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