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Re: Compromised? (Was Re: hard disk access on every keystroke in console mode!)

Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ..get a knoppix type cd burned and reboot from that, and redo your
> md5sum etc checks, if they manage to mess with a knoppix cd so
> it okays bad files without you noticing, these guys are _very_ good.
> ..and, you wanna check your iso's md5sums against a verified
> debian mirror or somesuch, if you sarge iso's has been faked,
> your md5sums will look "ok" too.

What's a knoppix type cd, and where do I get it?
How do I know a debian mirror is verified? I went to the debian page and to 
mirrors for unofficial copies (since all official ones are still not 
accessible). Is this good enough?


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