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IBM ThinkPad R31 mouse/battery polling issue (was: Mouse moves FUNNY)


Nate Duehr:

> I have one machine where a buggy laptop APM/ACPI BIOS causes the mouse
> to jump to the top-left corner of the screen whenever it's polled for
> battery status.  (IBM R31)

Same here (ThinkPad R31, battery check moves the cursor to top-left
corner and the mouse does some seemingly random clicking).

> Turning off the battery polling gadgetry in the desktop apps keeps it
> happy.  Very strange bug.

I figured as much; interesting is that Windows on the same machine works
properly, which means it's either something with the mouse driver or
with the battery polling, and not with the hardware.

Is there any other battery polling application than klaptop? I'd like to
try it, though I believe the problem is somewhere deeper, in the polling
mechanism itself (and not the top-level app).

I didn't have time to dive deeply in all the APM and ACPI stuff yet, and
now I read that 2.6.0 ships with better ACPI - did anybody with a R31
checked whether 2.6 solves the issue? I'd check it myself, but I'm a
complete Linux newbie and don't feel up to the task of changing my
kernel yet... I'd really like to know what's the battery level when
being on the move, though. :o)

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