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Re: man files to text editor

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 04:55:29PM -0500, Lou Losee wrote:
> > > Try man xxx | col -b > text-filename
> > 
> > This actually should not work, you have to tell man(1) it should send the
> > formatted manpage to stdout, instead of messing with the pager.
> > Replace `foo' with the desired program name.
> > 
> > $ man --pager cat foo | col -b > text-filename

> Well perhaps it should not work, but it does.  I have used the construct
> for years now.  In chasing down the man pager, it appears to default to
> 'less'.

Actually, it depends on certain environment variables, few configfiles,
etc.  In the default Debian setup, it won't work.

> Try it you may like it - simple and quick.

I meant ``it shouldn't work for you''--of course I tried it first ;-)

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