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Re: Any Linux-oriented hardware-review sites?

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
Kent West wrote:

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Kent West wrote:


The nForce is the mobo chipset (not the graphics chip).  If I had it
to do over, I would get an AMD (which I already have) a mobo with VIA
chipset and no onboard anything (except maybe sound, since that is not
so important to me).  Also, the onboard nForce takes a proprietary
binary-only driver to work.  The nForce2 sound (a modified i810) is
pretty decent.


I would like a mobo that uses memory that I now have in this KT7A mobo (Type:168pin SDRAM DIMM 256MB) *and* AMD, like you say, *and* VIA chipsets *and no onboard anything* *but* thermal control that allows for the fan to be turned off when not needed. Anybody know of that combination or where to search for it? I usually look at Newegg, which is very complete but no Linux of course...


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