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Re: LISa (LAN Information Server) problems


debian unstable

I installed lisa 3.1.4-1  on my vaio laptop but seem to be having a few 
difficulties. (apparently this is part of KDE networking)

The lisa daemon does seem to be running but it is hogging 99% of the cpu usage
which seems to cause the cpu to overheat more than is desirable, up from 50 to 
65 degrees.

also when I use konqueror to browse the LAN from the web address

I get the error message

The lisa daemon does not appear to be running.
In order to use the LAN Browser the lisa daemon must be installed and 
activated by the system administrator

but I know it`s running ...

but if i access a LAN windows PC as
it does show up an SMB folder, but then konqueror aborts with 

Internal Error
Please send a full bug report at http://bugs.kde.org
Unknown error condition in stat: Invalid argument

Assuming its user/configuration error on my part, does anyone have any 
experience with this?


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