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Re: web page -> ps problems

Ross Boylan wrote:
I saved a web page as html with Mozilla 1.5, and then printed it to a
postscript file.

Can you print anything to file with Mozilla 1.5 and look at it with gv?


I use xprt-xprintorg 0.0.8.cvs20030508-6.  Somewhere
along the way something went wrong; when I faxed it (hylafax) the
recipient only got the upper left corner, very enlarged.

gv reports "Error: PostScript interpreter failed in main window."

gs dumped me into an interpreter

display (from ImageMagick) shows a very large image of the upper right

I tried looking at the raw ps, and saw enough to verify that all the
text is there (or at least, way more than I'm seeing).  Perhaps this
excerpt is part of the problem:
/XYr{/currentpagedevice wh {p currentpagedevice dp /HWResolution kn {/HWResolution
 get al p}{p 300 300}ie}{300 300}ie}bd/Cs{dp 0 eq{0 pHt tr XYr -1 x dv 72
 ml x 1 x dv 72 ml x scl}if dp 1 eq{90 rt XYr -1 x dv 72 ml x 1 x dv 72
 ml x scl}if dp 2 eq{pWd 0 tr XYr 1 x dv 72 ml x -1 x dv 72 ml x scl}if
 3 eq{pHt pWd tr 90 rt XYr 1 x dv 72 ml x -1 x dv 72 ml x scl}if}bd/P{gs

If this is setting an inappropriate geometry or resolution that could
be the problem; but I thought the whole point of postscript was that
by retaining appropriate information it made rescaling easy.

I've looked on the man pages for information about how to get more
detail on what's wrong, but saw nothing obvious.

Can anyone suggest how to diagnose this problem or work around it?


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