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Re: hdb: driver not present

On Mon, December 15 at  9:07 PM EST
Jonathan Melhuish <lists@netacclaim.co.uk> wrote:

>After having recently installed Debian 3.0 over Mandrake, I'm trying to
>get all my hardware working again :-(
>Although the boot messages initially correctly identify all 4 drives
>(two hard drives, CD-RW, CD-ROM), it seems only the primary hard disk
>is usable.  During boot, I noticed it say "mod-probe: can't locate
>module ide-disk" followed by "hdb: driver not present".  The primary
>disk is a Maxtor, the secondary a Seagate, if that's relevant.  Both
>were working fine under Mandrake with no further configuration.
>I've tried a bit of googling (unsuccesfully) but, having never come
>across such a problem before, haven't really got any ideas :-(
>Can anybody help?

What is your configuration?  Keep in mind if the CD-RW is the on IDE-0
as slave it is probably identified as hdb...  you can run #dmesg | less
to read what is identified on the IDE controllers.  CD-RW have to use
scsi interface drivers.  Perhaps the Seagate is on IDE-1 as master and
would be hdc?  Also run #lsmod | less to see which modules *are* loaded.



Shawn Lamson

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