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Re: Sreelal Chandrasenan

Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
WTF is going on? Why is this guy bombarding the list with junk? It's not even proper spam!

Can somebody block him or something?



Here's his reply to my note from a few minutes ago. So he obviously wouldn't mind being blocked (if there's anyone paying attention that can help before everything left in some buffer gets sent).

Yes there was some problem with my mail client configuration. I fixed it. I am really sorry for the inconvenienece. Thanks for letting me know. Could you please send an email to debian user group list to stop forwarding my email also to the users to delete all my emails? It will be a greate help.
-----Original Message-----
From: charlie derr [mailto:cderr@simons-rock.edu]
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 12:30 PM
To: Sreelal Chandrasenan
Subject: Re: FW: Audio quality testing with Nero

Hi Sreelal,
	The last couple dozen messages that you've sent to the debian user
mailing list (all within the last hour) appear to be some sort of
mis-forwarding configuration in your mail client (because it seems that
we're all seeing your private correspondence).

	be well,

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