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Note for woody epson 1250 users, was: xsane on woody

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Hi list!

I am setting up *Backstreet Ruby* the multi-seat Linux option on woody.
Had to recompile X 4.3.0: works great...

Have a problem with xsane. On woody it's version 0.84-2. When doing any scanning the colors look extremely weird, sort of like a color negative.

Googling got me no closer.

I am thinking of compiling the 0.92 tarball and seeing what that does.

I run the 0.91-6 version on sarge and that looks great.

Anybody been here?



There *must* be Epson Perfection 1250 scanners on woody. Here is the scoop:

1. Woody uses xsane 0.84 and sane 1.0.7 backend. That has xsane show the wrong colors in user-mode and as root. Moreover the progressbars in xsane do not work.

2. If you install xsane 0.92 and sane-backend 1.0.13 tarballs (both the latest) then as root the colors are correct but the *scanner overruns the lower stop* making cracking noises as the cable spanner hits the upper spool. Not a good idea ;-)

3. If you install xsane 0.91 and sane-backend 1.0.12 (both of which are on sarge) then as root the colors look good and the cracking noises are gone. Success!

4. To compile these tarballs you need a later libusb than woody has (0.1.4) sez the sane docs, so get the latest = 0.1.7 and compile that.
You also need libjpeg62, libjpeg62-dev and libsane-dev for xsane.
Its messages from ./configure are confusing: it will complain about sane-dev while the log will say that lusb, etc. is missing.

If anybody knows how to get around the root use of xsane, I am all ears.

These instructions apply to an Epson Perfection 1250 scanner on *Woody*. Obviously I know nothing about the 3.456.789 other scanner models around :-)



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