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Re: software raid

On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 07:43:31PM -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:
> hi ya lucas
> On Sat, 13 Dec 2003, Lucas Albers wrote:
> > I've been trying to get debian stable working with software raid using
> > various documentation.
> collection of um
> 	http://www.1U-Raid5.net
> > If you can think of any good software raid (running on your root partition)
> > documentation for debian STABLE please send it over.
> "good sw raid" is already part of the linux kernel..
> you dont need anything else ... other than to turn on the raid options
> in the kernel  and create your raid config files

I've been wondering about this.  We have a server with a Asus A7N8X
mobo, which has the Silicon Image SATA RAID.  I couldn't get the kernel
module to recognise the HW RAID array when it was set up in the BIOS.

I finished up only using one drive until we got to the bottom of the
problem (clue: we never did).  Using Linux SW RAID, can I create a
RAID-1 array using my existing single partition ext3 disk and one
other without losing all my existing data?


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