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Re: ICMP redirect

tadas@silvernet.kis.lt writes:

> I would like to ask about the icmp messasages sending in linux
> 2.4.x. I have two subnets: and on the
> same ethernet segment. There is a gateway in each subnet
> ( and Clients use netmask
> Routers have their own default routes (through DSL)
> and additional route to neighboring subnet:
> For example, router on
> ip route add dev eth0
> ip route add via
> The problem is that client get redirect only for 1 hop: for instance 
> 192.168.0.x client accesses 192.168.1.x, receives redirect from 
> that advises to send through

Unless I'm confused about what ip(8) does, there shouldn't be ICMP
redirects issued at all.  Reading RFC 777 makes it clear that, in this
case, a redirect is inappropriate: a message from to goes to first, which forwards
it on to, but that's not on and so the
source and next hop aren't on the same network.

> How can I configure routers so the clients could send traffic
> directly to each other?

You don't.  You could configure the clients so that they know they're
on both networks, though; it's probably easier if you gave each
machine an IP address on both networks so things don't get confused.

(Which leads to the question of why you're doing this.  I have
something similar set up at home, but one network gets NATted and the
other goes through an IP-over-IP tunnel.  My desktop machine has
addresses on both networks; my laptop only on the tunnelled network,
the wireless access point only on the NAT network.  I can ping the
WAP's IP address just fine, with everything going through the router,
but that's not a big deal.)

> Is it necessary to add additional address'es to gateway so they
> would have their own addresses for each subnet?

Probably wouldn't hurt; I'd guess it is necessary but can't say for
sure.  Or you could do all of this with just one gateway, still on
both networks.

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