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Re: loopback interface down, sob ;-(

I recently had something similar.  It turned out to be that I had two
versions of ifconfig installed.  One was in /sbin/ifconfig, the other in
/usr/bin/ifconfig.  The 'correct' ifconfig was the one in
/sbin/ifconfig.  It seems that I had installed the inetutils-tools
package which caused the bogus version in /usr/bin.  Removing the
package solved the problem.  The 'correct version of ifconfig was in the
net-tools package.

Are you able to bring up the loopback interface manually, ie:
ifconfig lo up

What does your /etc/network/interfaces look like?


* A. L. Meyers <me@privacy.net> [2003-12-14 07:19]:
> Hi!  After all the publicity about the breakins to the Debian servers,
> I decided to try to secure my systems better and, alas, not only 
> failed in the process but trashed my network as well.  The loopback 
> interface lo is down, unreachable (even as root) and ping fails.  
> Occasionally I get messages that only 1 address is allowed but I 
> cannot find the right files to clean this up.  The problems arose 
> after installing bastille, then removing it using
> apt-get --purge remove bastille
> Help much appreciated.
> Lux
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