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Re: My Debian box can't connect Internet

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On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 02:41:55PM +0100, Robert Storey wrote:
> You didn't say what kind of broadband you want to connect to. There
> would be a difference between adsl and cable, as well as pppoe and
> adsl with a fixed address.

Broadband refers exclusively to cable internet access (named because
of the broad piece of the radio spectrum being used to send it over
the cable, not because it's a fat pipe (though it is a fat pipe)).

> I'm not an expert, but I just yesterday connect to adsl (using
> pppoe). If that describes your situation, try running "pppoeconf" -
> it's fairly intuitive and it worked well for me.

PPPoE is generally only used by lesser-quality DSL providers, I'd
consider shopping for one that doesn't screw around with ways to screw
you out of bandwidth.

> As for using "ping", I understand that many web sites are blocking
> the ping command (or am I wrong about this?).  I'm using Guarddog as
> a firewall, and I've also got ping blocked.

You shouldn't.  Check the RFCs, responding to ping is a requirement.
It might be handy for big websites, but there's not much point in
disabling it except making it harder for your ISP to find network
faults (can't just ping customer machines and get packets back to see
how well a node is working, if a node is down in the case of cable).
Just leave ping enabled.

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