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Re: Use Debian mailinglists with slow connection to Internet?

on Fri, Dec 12, 2003 at 07:14:25PM +0200, Anton Zinoviev (anton@lml.bas.bg) wrote:
> Hi!
> The Debian mailing lists produce big trafic of email.  If I want to
> follow them regularly I have to use a slow and expensive connection to
> Internet (low quality phone line or mobile phone).  I tried to use
> offlineimap but this was only to realise that I can afford it.  May be
> other people have symilar problems (mobile computers, etc.).
> Certainly I am not interested in every message.  May be there is some
> way to control which messages will be copied from the server to the
> computer I use?  Is the following scenario possible somehow: First, I
> connect to Internet in order to get automaticaly the first messages
> from each thread.  Then read the received messages offline.  Next by
> some "subscription" mechanism I connect again and receive all messages
> from threads I have selected.
> I can install software both on my computer and on the server I use.
> It would be nice however to find a solution that will not require to
> install anything on the server.


  - Usenet.  Browse topics and pull selected bodies.

  - Procmail forward.  Retrieve the list to another system, and set up a
    procmail (or other mail filtering) ruleset which selects messages to
    forward by author, subject, or keywords, possibly using scoring

  - Remote mail:  Sounds like you tried offlineimap and didn't like
    it, but it or an ssh session to the system your mail lives on might

  - RSS feed.  Posibly customized.  Generate a feed with a digest of
    subject, author, and a brief abstract of (possibly: selected)
    messages.  Review this and pull bodies from a mail=>web interface of
    some sort.  Probably requires some engineering work on your part,
    but could be really useful.


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