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Re: need help on IP accounting - ipac-ng

what you need is a mysql server and a mysqclient, and cron set up to
burst the gathered data to into the mysqserver.

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 11:39, Christian Schnobrich wrote:

> However, I'm looking for an application that will gather the data, sum
> it up nicely and just keeps track, even if the counters should be
> involuntarily reset (like if the system crashes).
> After an exhausting search, the only thing I found so far is ipac-ng.
> Although it seems to be quite powerful, the documentation leaves much to
> be desired. It is now set up and works -- though not as I'd like it. For
> today, I give up trying.
> But perhaps someone can tell me about another app that might suit my
> needs?
> cu,
> Schnobs
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