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need help on IP accounting - ipac-ng


We're several people sharing the same DSL link. Currently, there are no
volume limitations (so noone ever bothered) but this is going to change
three months from now. Until then, I'd like to know how much traffic we
generate so that we may choose pick the right offer.
Furthermore, it might become important to keep track on how much traffic
every person in the house generates, so that it may be billed correctly
in case we exceed the free volume. So yes, this actually is an
accounting problem.

Now, I don't need help in IP accounting as such. Setting accounting
rules with iptables isn't too difficult.

However, I'm looking for an application that will gather the data, sum
it up nicely and just keeps track, even if the counters should be
involuntarily reset (like if the system crashes).

After an exhausting search, the only thing I found so far is ipac-ng.
Although it seems to be quite powerful, the documentation leaves much to
be desired. It is now set up and works -- though not as I'd like it. For
today, I give up trying.

But perhaps someone can tell me about another app that might suit my


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